IT’S DONE! My first item on the ToDo List.

I wrote to Santa a few weeks back.. well, I didn’t actually compose a letter describing how good I’ve been all year, like I used to do. This year since I’m a big kig (but not entirely) and I’ve already proven myself to Santa that I am a good person I just jotted down a quick list for him. I gave it to my mom (to give to Santa ofcourse) and I guess she gave it to him because I got most of the stuff I put down. I’m still waiting on that pony, Santa!  

For Christmas this year, I got a webcam! Finally! I can be one of those silly girls who talks to her friends on Facebook through silly video posts on their walls. Yes, not only did I complete #36 on the list, I had to leave my first video wall post too. My first skype victim (I mean conversation…) was with my friend Zach and it was awesome! I love my webcame and skype and I’ve been using it like 24/7. It’s pretty much my whole life now. Okay, that was an exxaggeration, but I really do use it all the time. I love being able to see my friends while I talk to them and not having to make any kind of effort at typing. Chatting with my friends it no longer excercise, I can just be incredibly lazy.

So yes, I’m crossing my first item off the list, the first of many. I’m open to suggestions too. I realize through comments from friends and my own research that some of these might be quite impossible (I need to reconsider the running down Mt. Trashmore idea seeing as I don’t want to be arrested). Thank you to Haley for her escalator suggestion! Keep looking out for more posts as I cross off the rest of these.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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