Call me superstitious…

If you have visited my “ABOUT” page, you’d know that I absolutely hate the number seven. I realized today that I have seven posts and seven widgets, which is completely unacceptable. Call me superstitious, but bad things tend to happen when number seven comes around. So here’s post number eight! That’s two in one day! You could say I’m on a roll, but really I’ve been slacking lately because of midterms and other things that make me busy, so this is makes up for my absence. I even have some items from my ToDo List that I’ve done and haven’t posted about yet. I promise that will come shortly because I have bigger plans for this post.

I’d like to point out a new widget (my eighth widget) to the right of your screen called “Social Vibe.” This is truly amazing because it’s a FREE DONATION! I bet you’re really confused right now. “How can I donate without giving away my money” you ask. But you see, it’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is click on the gray area at the bottom that says “CLICK HERE TO HELP FOR FREE,” then a screen will come up and you will see a blue square that says “Do an Activity” with an arrow. Click the blue square! Here comes the cool part. You do an activity, maybe 30 seconds of your time, and the sponsor organization (Diet Coke) will donate to my cause! How cool is that? I know your minds are blown. Only 30 seconds to donate and it doesn’t involve giving any of your money. You might think that this mere 10 cents doesn’t help, but trust me it does!

Let me take this opportunity to explain the cause I have  chosen to support. It’s called “Donate Life America” and their mission is to inspire people to save as well as enhance lives through organ, eye, and tissue donation. Copied straight from their website:

Donate Life America, comprised of national organizations and 50 state teams across the United States, assists in mobilizing the transplant community to educate the American public about organ, eye and tissue donation and motivate them to register as donors. It manages the Donate Life brand and develops brochures, programs, kits and promotional items. For nearly a decade, it has designed campaigns for departments of motor vehicles, the general public and multicultural audiences and leads the Donor Designation Collaborative.

But don’t let me tell you everything about them, see for yourself what they are all about. Go to and become a donor, or just read about becoming a donor and decide later, whatever you want to do. I’m a registered donor, it says so on my driver’s license with that little red heart. Everyone should be a donor, there’s no reason not to be.


Valentine’s Day

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.” Victor Hugo

There are some people who despise the idea of a holiday dedicated to the celebration of love and affection. It has been called “Singles Awareness Day” by those bitter persons who want to reach out to their fellow single people. I am single and I do not share this perspective. In fact, I think Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday. It’s a break from the dreariness of everyday. I love walking around school seeing girls carrying around teddy bears, balloons, and flowers. Even if I don’t have anything special to carry around, it’s nice to see so much love all around. It’s like a carnival. And it’s reassuring to see that the world is not always the dark place some people make it out to be. These people are forgetting that this day is not all about lovers and married couples. I choose to celebrate with my friends and family, because Valentine’s Day should be for celebrating everyone you love, not only relationships of romantic love.

It’s truly disgusting to know that there is such a thing as “anitvalentinism.” Yes, that’s right. The cynical fools have united forming a coalition of misguided critics. Some more tolerable antivalentinists believe that Valentine’s Day has become too commercialized which has taken away from the values of the holiday. I can understand where they’re coming from as it has become almost a necessity in relationships to buy flowers, jewelry, chocolates, teddy bears, or at least a card for one another. Then there are those misanthropic antivalentinists who criticize the holiday for its supposed “forced observation of romantic love.” Hey, no one is forcing you to do anything. These are the people who give out anti-valentines focused on sarcasm and mocking the romance of Valentine’s Day and who hold “anti-V.D. Day” events (V.D. is the abbreviation for venereal disease). These are the people I’m targeting with this post. I know you’re out there, waiting desperately to diminish this innocent day of appreciation and affection by rallying all the cynics together for one big hate fest.

Thanks to Wikipedia, I found some interesting information. I bet these bitter people don’t know that in Finland Valentine’s Day is called Ystävänpäivä, which translates into “Friend’s day.” There, it is a day about remembering all your friends, not only your loved ones. Estonia celebrates a similar holiday called Sõbrapäev, which has the same meaning.

So you see, those of you wearing black this Valentine’s Day, whether in protest or trying to be a ninja, you should have all the facts before going moping around. It may be nice to have a romantic love to celebrate on Valentine’s Day, but there are so many other people in our lives whose love should be commemorated. Commercialized or not, I’m single and I believe this holiday is a great one.

yellow dahlia

yellow dahlia