#30 & 35

At my friend’s spring break party, mentioned in the previous post, we played manhunt in her neighborhood and so #30 was crossed off the list. Now, if you don’t know about manhunt, you shouldn’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn. Basically, it’s tag and hide-and-seek wrapped into one incredibly fun game of wonderfulness (it’s especially wonderful because it’s generally played at night).The scariest part is always waiting to be found because, well, it’s dark and usually you hide alone. Since I didn’t know my friend’s neighborhood very well, we hid in pairs so nothing bad could happen (getting kidnapped, raped, murdered, all of the above). The danger of the situation definitely added to my excitement! This game in particular was very special. That night, one kid was found after an hour of searching in the best hiding place I’ve ever seen. He was in a tree; it had to have been at least twelve feet off the ground! However awesome his hiding place was, it isn’t something I recommend because I was afraid he would get hurt getting down. Plus, he was tagged before he made it back to base anyways, so it’s not a hiding place conducive to escape. Keep that in mind.

I got to cross off #35 at Summer Residential Governor’s School one day last week! A group of my friends were hanging out in the shade, playing cards and reading (not at the same time), so I decided to take one girl’s camera and photograph everything in sight. I’m sure it well surpassed 100 pictures. The subjects ranged from flip-flops to foliage to water bottles to trash cans. There was even a series of impressive creeper shots of people I don’t know, and some people I do know. The girl to whom the camera belonged would not have been happy with me if not for this list. I know she had tons of fun deleting all those pictures. I got a lot of laughs from my subjects and other witnesses. Even the owner of the camera was laughing. She decided she wouldn’t take it away from me because “[I look] so happy!” I’ll definitely do that again with someone else’s camera as a joke, because it was really fun! I learned that there aren’t that many things to take random pictures of in an open field at a college, except trees and garbage. This was a valuable lesson indeed.


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