As a firm believer in not telling people things about me, this page seems like a horrible idea. I enjoy when people get to know each other. It’s one of my favorite things actually. However, this is a blog, not Facebook. Being a blog, it already involves an unnecessary amount of personal information sharing with everyone, everywhere. Therefore, I see little need to keep this “About” section saying only “get to know me…”

Okay so here goes: I’m putting up some facts about me. They are not location devices like my school, city, and age for all the weirdos out there, (nothing personal, you just never know) more like the useless facts. These are the kind of facts that no one can use to identify me, even though im pretty sure my name is on here somewhere (i still haven’t figured out this blog thing).

  • I snore, occasionally. It’s become more of an “extremely deep breathing” thing. My friends know that hitting me (not entirely too forcefully) will make it stop.
  • I’m a kid with a dream, even if I haven’t figured out exactly what that dream is yet. This probably will prevent people from selling me their used cars.
  • Always a lover, never a fighter. Unless a pet peeve is involved. Then I might get irritated to the point where I have something to say.. other than that I usually let things go.
  • I’m afraid of spiders and sharp things (knives, scissors, etc). Since I saw eight-legged freaks in first grade my life has never been the same. The fear of sharp things? There were a set of twins in preschool, brother and sister (I was friends with the girl). One day during arts and crafts they were fighting over a pair of scissors when the boy stabbed the girl in the eye. I never saw them again. But I’m not really afraid of the dark anymore! Except sometimes..
  • I wasn’t ever really a leggo builder.. unless it was a wall. I’ve always been more of a “linkin logs” type of girl, that way I can build log cabins.
  • I don’t chew on straws because it hurts my teeth, and it kind of grosses me out when people do.
  • I hate gum. Everyone will think I’m insane for this I’m sure. I hate the taste, smell, texture, touching it under desks, watching people chew it. It really freaks me out.
  • The above is true for teeth-brushing as well. I hate people watching me brush my teeth and I can’t watch or listen to anyone else do it. One of my friends thinks its funny to chase me around when she brushes her teeth… hahaha.
  • My favorite color changes daily, but usually it rotates between a few mostly relating to foods: tangerine, raspberry, canary, cerulean, granny smith apple, salmon, and watermelon.
  • I love coloring. Crayons, markers, colored pencils, occasionally sharpies, pens, or highlighters when I’m desperate.
  • My favorite meal of the day is breakfast! I love cereal, toast, bagels, waffles, pancakes, eggs (scrambled), donuts (Dunkin’ Donuts), maybe even pizza. When I say scramble, I mean that’s my favorite. I don’t discriminate. In my house they’re not even called scrambled, they’re called “Lissy eggs” because they’re my favorite.
  • I don’t sing in the shower, well, rarely. The shower is my hygiene and relaxation time. I sing everywhere else though. :]
  • I’m allergic to basically everything. Mostly soy, and cats, and Bermuda grass, and trees, and pollen, and life. But I’m also allergic to carrots, dogs, and school. Okay so I wish I was allergic to that last one.
  • I have many nicknames. Lissy seems to be the favorite, but there’s also Mel, Missa, Meffifa, Birch, MelissaJo, MJ, Sour Kraut (but only for powder-puff), Lucy, Louie, LucyLoo, Punkin or Punk, and Bill. The last one… my dad… don’t ask… I don’t even know.
  • May 7, 2008 was the worst day of my life and so the number seven became my unlucky number.
  • I suppose I have to put something on here about music considering I’m crazy about it. I mean, I’m not like a confessed addict or anything like with some people because it’s all they talk about. I do love my music and I can appreciate a lot of different types of music, but usually I try to stay away from country, and hardcore metal, and rap unless it means something.
  • I don’t believe in having regrets because everything bad that has ever happened led to where I am now. Without the bad things, none of the good things that have happened since then would have happened, if that makes any sense at all.

And that is pretty much all I’m going to tell you about me. You get the gist. For the rest, you can always get to know me. :]

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