I Saw the Sign

Friday was probably the best day of my life or, at least, the happiest. Literally, I don’t think my wedding day could make me that happy. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but wait until you read about all the fun things that happened Friday. It was definitely one of those day I never wanted to end.

First, I got to see an actual scary movie with my friend for my Cinema of Horror class and I thought it was really good. If you’ve ever seen A Haunting, especially if you’re of an older generation, please let me know what you thought of it when you saw it. I thought the scary parts were actually scary and the plot was actually very interesting. Aside from the slow parts in the middle when I couldn’t help but to dose a little, I thought it was, overall, an excellent scary movie. As always, open mic night was fun, but it was even better because some of my friends were in it and they did so well. I love the atmosphere at open mic nights here because everyone in the audience it extremely supportive of their fellow students. It takes a lot of courage to stand on stage and display your talent, leaving yourself vulnerable to criticism. It’s very reassuring to know people can appreciate that bravery and encourage it. After open mic night a counselor had gotten on stage to make a few announcements. He built up so much suspense before the one announcement we’d been waiting to hear for two weeks. We couldn’t tell if it would be bad news or good news because he made it sound like both. Finally he told us that we’re going with Governor’s School to see the last Harry Potter movie on Tuesday! Everyone screamed and cried and hugged each other! I hugged someone I didn’t even know, while my friend cried tears of happiness. It was clearly a really exciting time!  In addition to all of the awesomeness I’ve already mentioned, we also had a 90s dance. I realize you must be very confused as to how such a theme could be successfully pulled off; however, it was by far the best dance I’ve ever been to. I’ll admit, I was even skeptical at first. I didn’t know what a 90s outfit would entail. How could I put an outfit together for a decade so indistinct from the decades surrounding it. Boy was I wrong. My friends and I put together the best 90s grunge, Spice Girls, MC Hammer, Fresh Prince, Full House, warm-up, jean jacket, flannel outfits. Check it out!

The reason this dance was the best dance I’ve ever been to was, by far, the music. I’m a 90s kid so I can appreciate those songs; they remind me of my childhood, listening to Christina Aguilera, the Backstreet Boys, the Baha Men, etc. In honor of the greatest idea ever (a 90s themed dance), I’ve created a playlist of all essential songs of that decade. I hope I haven’t left any out. I strongly encourage you, if you’re ever in the need for a theme, to use the 90s, it’s a very misunderstood and underappreciated decade.

Ultimate 90s music playlist:

No Rain- Blind Melon
All the Small Things- Blink 182 
Mr. Jones- Counting Crows 
I want Candy- Aaron Carter 
Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers 
Wannabe- Spice Girls 
Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana 
All I Wanna Do- Sheryl Crow 
Baby One More Time- Brittany Spears 
Allstar- Smash Mouth 
Jump Around- House of Pain 
Dirty Pop- 'N SYNC 
Linger- Cranberries 
1979- Smashing Pumpkins 
Macarena- Los Del Rio 
No Scrubs- TLC 
Can't Touch This- MC Hammer 
Baby Got Back- Sir Mix-a-lot
Milkshake- Kelis
Waterfalls- TLC 
Everybody- Backstreet Boys 
C'mon N Ride It (The Train) - Quad City DJs 
This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan 
Killing Me Softly- Fugees 
Counting Blue Cars- Dishwalla 
Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - Will Smith 
Every Morning- Sugar Ray 
Mamma Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J 
Wonderwall- Oasis 
What is Love?- Haddaway 
Bye Bye Bye- 'N SYNC A
ll That She Wants- Ace of Base 
Who Let the Dogs Out?- Baha Men 
Tubthumping- Chumbawumba 
Black or White- Michael Jackson 
Mo Money, Mo Problems - Notorious BIG feat. Puff Daddy & Ma$e 
Blue (Da ba dee)- Eiffel 65 
Genie in a Bottle- Christina Aguilera 
Viva' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin 
Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of...) Lou Bega 
Motownphilly- Boyz II Men 
How Bizarre - OMC 
Call Me - Le Click feat. Kayo 
The Sign- Ace of Base 
Crazy- Brittany Spears

#39, 42, & 51

A friend of mine had a party over spring break with no alcohol or drugs or any of those crazy things we teenagers do these days. Can you imagine? A high school party where friends gather to have a G-rated good time! Aside from throwing plastic Easter eggs at each other, experimenting with how many people we could fit on the porch swing before it broke, and playing cute kid games like manhunt and “Never have I ever,” there was quite a bit of dancing to a popular radio station that plays mainstream music (mostly hip-hop, pop, rap, etc.). I, being a white, oldies-loving kid, was unfamiliar with most of the music; however, I do love to dance. At some point in all the jumping and loud, off-key singing one girl decided to imitate the movement I was doing, almost in disbelief that I might actually consider it a dance move. To my surprise, it actually caught on among other partygoers. Yes, the dance move, later to be described as someone flossing their crotch with a towel, was a hit. This was mostly because of the move’s effect of making anyone who attempts it look like a dork; any kind of attention is good attention, right? In fact, this one awkward dance movement has enjoyed well over the usual 15 minutes of fame and has landed me, it seems, eternal glory. Now, at every event at which there is some sort of dancing, my friends will break out the move (which we’ll call the “crotch floss” for convenience). It has been known to spread like fire on such occasions, infecting other friends and nearby dancers with awkwardness. And with #39 checked off, I’ve discovered what true fame feels like; it can’t feel much better than this.

One of my favorite places to go in the whole world is my best friend’s roof. I love that it’s above most streetlights because light pollution ruins starry nights, no one on the ground can see you making it a private, relaxing, quiet place, it’s exciting in the danger of the steep slant and the small size of the window through which we crawl. It’s one of the few places I can be alone with myself and be content, rather than my usual constant need for company. My friend and I visit her roof often, but my favorite time is at night when the world is asleep and the streets are quiet allowing thoughts to be audible. However, the first time this year we hung out on her roof was during the day, which is still calming and wonderful. Other than the fact that dark shingles absorb sunlight and are, therefore, extremely hot, its nice to lay with nothing in your way of the sun except the occasional cloud. No bugs dare venture that high, no trees, no buildings, nothing exists but yourself and the sky. We goofed around up there (after putting down a blanket of course to avoid shingle burn) and took pictures and talked. Times spent on the roof with my best friend are memories that will last a lifetime; it’s where we have some of our best talks and can truly be ourselves. No matter how many times I have done #42, I will always love being on that roof.

Two weeks ago, before I left for Governor’s school, I spent most everyday at the beach with friends and every time was a new adventure. I don’t know what you consider a sandcastle, but I meant for it to mean “any type of sand creation.” Out of a heap of sand piled over my feet I sculpted a turtle. It ended up being fairly large, and longer than my arms could reach, so my friend stepped in for assistance. It was the cutest sand turtle I had ever seen; although, the legs on one side were never quite symmetrical with the legs on the other and I was being extremely OCD about the squares on the shell, having to redo them countless times before the creation was officially completed. Later, after I removed my feet, destroying our sand-pet, we went on to make a sun by the water with a wall surrounding it, blocking it from the waves. Artistic differences presented a problem with this sand creation as I wanted the sun to have long, thin, wavy rays while my friend wanted triangular rays (very unrealistic if you ask me). We ended up going in her direction with the triangular rays and it turned out to be the cutest sand sun I’ve ever seen. I would say #51 was a success, considering we didn’t bring the proper equipment for a more common sandcastle (buckets, shovels, etc.).

yellow dahlia

yellow dahlia