#5, 11, 13, & 17

If you’ve been checking my ToDo List, then you are probably aware of the fact that I have not posted about many of  the things I’ve been crossing off. In fact, there are so many items I’ve crossed off, there is no possible way I could talk about all of them in just  one post. To solve this I’ve split it up into three separate posts, possibly four, – the first of which is this one. Let’s start with #5, one of the less difficult items on my list. As an IB student (International Baccalaureate Program.. look it up and cry for me), I spend many nights with Coca-Cola and jellybeans, massaging my foot, splashing cold water in my face, using every means necessary to stay awake until my work is finished. Trust me when I say I can cross #5 off the list myriad times (only from this school year). Mind you, each time I stayed up all night, I’ve needed to use methods for artificial energy in the morning. Please, this is coming from experience, do not fall into the cycle of dependence on energy drinks or shots. Caffeine addiction is a nasty one. Energy drinks suck every good nutrient out of your body and it is ridiculous that people voluntarily harm their bodies this way. I’ve done it and I’m certainly not proud of it. I’ve talked enough about this…

Now #11 is a fun one! Personally, I think tattoos (when encompassing a meaningful message or for a worthy cause) are neither reckless
 nor the mark of a hooligan. In the Jewish religion, tattoos are forbidden from those wishing to be buried in Jewish cemeteries, which is why I am not allowed to have one. I doubt I’ll want to be buried in a Jewish cemetery and, technically, it’s my decision whether I get a tattoo or not, but both of my parents made it clear they would rather I not get one. (Yes, I’m Jewish and no, I will not tell you what tattoo I want to get. That’s a story for another time). In an effort to give my mother a panic attack, I planned to get a henna tattoo (temporary) on the boardwalk after spending the day with my friends at the sand soccer tournament. I decided it would be funny (funny in its ignorance) to get the crescent moon and star symbolic of Islam and the Muslim community. I got one at a sketchy booth and it wore off after a few days, but it was exciting while it lasted. My mom knew it wasn’t real and told me I was dumb to waste money, but I got her to admit that if it had looked real, it would have been hilarious!

I absolutely love doing things like #13. A couple good friends and I walked to the top of Mt. Trashmore (a hill made from an old landfill turned
into a public park… I suppose it’s pretty interesting) and screamed as loud as we could. Of course, there were a lot of people around who thought we were crazy ruffians I’m sure, but that’s the best part for me. Although my friend wore a skirt on that windy day to climb a hill and we had to hold a blanket around her while she walked, it was a really fun day! I honestly would not mind doing that again; it was an awesome outlet for my stress.

Almost done, I promise. You know me; I’m Wordy McGee. One important thing to know is that I believe concerts are the greatest “fun-tivity” ever
created. Obviously, I really enjoyed #17. My friend and I went to our first concert of the year at Naval Station Norfolk. Third Eye Blind, one of our
 favorite bands (there are a lot) played a free concert there, open to the public, so we had to go. It was a spontaneous sort of thing because the concert was not publicized very well. I recall the conversation going something like “Hey I heard Third Eye Blind is playing tonight!!” “No way!” “Yea! Want to go?!” “Okay let me ask my mom!” I love those sorts of plans, don’t you? They keep life exciting! It was an awesome concert, although we got lost on the way in a bad area. Since then, I went to see the Beach Boys (I guess it would be more accurate to say Beach Boy et.al.) at the beach and it was awesome; I especially loved watching all the drunk, old people trying to boogie oogie oogie. Really though, I love the Beach Boys and I’m so happy I went!

yellow dahlia

yellow dahlia