I guess it’s a slow news day.

There are days when the 6:00 hour of the news is overloaded with one after another fluff pieces about a woman and her dog delivering hand-made blankets to homeless people followed by a segment on how to properly wash our hands and “Coming up next: Who your mailman really is- Exposing the secret life of the city’s letter deliverers.” As I watch I can’t help but wonder, “Is it a slow news day?”

Every once in a while something alarming or unusual happens, giving the news lady a chance to “interrupt your regularly scheduled program” with “Breaking News!” Unlike some people,  who want to know what Raymond was about to say to his mother Marie to get her off Debra’s back, I actually enjoy this rare instance when something happens so newsworthy they can’t wait until 6:00 or 11:00 to tell us.

Today’s interruption was the result of a gunman reported on the Virginia Tech campus. WOAH BABY! If this is true, I feel terribly sad for that poor school; they’ve suffered enough. As you may recall, a shooting spree at VT left 33 dead in 2007. This, my friends, is real news; something everyone needs and should hear about. Therefore, I condone the interruption, seeing as I’ve seen this episode 800 times (Spoiler Alert: Raymond chickens out because he’s a mamma’s boy and Debra gets mad).


On this rare day when something worthwhile is being reported, you’d think Facebook would erupt with “OH NO HE DIDN’T” statuses about the event. If any change in weather can make it into everyone’s status every day, this should definitely have triggered a few couch potatoes to alert the networking masses. To my dismay, I found nothing but Jersey Shore on my News Feed. There was even a “Happy Birthday Mr. Obama!” Nothing about the unfolding tragedy at Virginia Teach! Is this what our world has come to? I even gave the couch potatoes at least 20 minutes to make clever statuses, still nothing. I had to take on the role of Jerk Who Brings Morality into the Situation. Yes, I made my own status : “There’s a gunman in VT and everyone’s statuses are about Jersey Shore tonight. WHAD DAF UCKIS WRONG WITH YOU? smh.” (Notice, I would never say an actual bad word on Facebook)

However, I realize the season premier is tonight, which means the couch potatoes were too angry about the interruption of their Jersey Shore marathon to realize the emergency of circumstances at VT. In that case, I forgive you. NOT.


yellow dahlia

yellow dahlia