So you thought Parkour was the weirdest thing bored people could come up with? You were wrong.

Introducing Planking- awarded the #1 Most Pointless Pastime Ever

One Urban Dictionary definition describes it as…

“Proof that humanity has sunk to its lowest point in history thus far. It is the act of lying completely flat across pretty much anything in an urban setting. A friend will take pictures of the act and, of course, post them on Facebook or Twitter. Much favored by hipsters, douchebags, and the like. This trend is currently sweeping the internet, reason: unknown.
Proof that literally ANYTHING can catch on if enough idiots think it is “cool”.

Hipster 1: “Hey guy, I just took some awesome planking photos at the Starbucks downtown!”
Hipster 2: “DUDE! I was planking on some benches at the quad yesterday!”
Normal person: “You guys are [really] stupid.”

I heard about this fad earlier this year. I thought it was so dumb, I had to add it to the list. #52- Planking was crossed off after I planked on a bench, a railing, and in the middle of the Governor’s quad. Not only did I get some confused looks, I got a few what’s-wrong-with-hers and what’s-she-doings. It was quite empowering. I now know what the experienced planker feels. Just in case you weren’t sure of it before, the ability worry the general public is truly rewarding.

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yellow dahlia

yellow dahlia