ToDo List 2011

  •  Here it is… Items will be crossed off as completed.
  • Check for posts about the items.
    1. Complete this list :]
    2. Go up the down escalator and vice versa (many thanks to Haley C.)                  
    3. Eat ice-cream outside when it’s below fifty degrees                       
    4. Try to break a world record                     
    5. Stay up for 24 hours            
    6. Go paintballing                   
    7. Fly a kite                     
    8. Dance in Town Center                   
    9. Be out past curfew              
    10. Go Camping (spending at least two consecutive nights outside)        
    11. Get a Henna tattoo            
    12. Build a boat/raft and see if it floats                  
    13. Scream at the top of Mt. Trashmore (many thanks to Haley C.)                 
    14. Go to Lazer Quest                    
    15. Take a road trip        
    16. Buy a kiddie pool and have a pool party with friends                  
    17. Go to a concert                   
    18. Play hooky from school with friends                 
    19. Make a commercial for an outrageous product                 
    20. Use a pick-up line on someone I don’t know          
    21. Listen to all the Beatles songs in my collection          
    22. Send five postcards to people who are in the same city              
    23. Be a spy for a day                                      
    24. Go fishing and catch something!  
    25. Pretend to be a time-traveler (what year is it?! good we still have time!)                  
    26. Go barefoot for an entire day                
    27. Try on wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses for a pretend wedding     
    28. Have a city-wide scavenger hunt                    
    29. Act like a deranged person when solicitors call                  
    30. Play hide and seek (or manhunt if at night)            
    31. Make a time capsule and bury it                    
    32. Have an extreme Halloween costume            
    33. Add a word to the end of every sentence for a day (Whoa! Man. Hey. Etc.)           
    34. Make mix tapes for friends                      
    35. Steal a friends camera and take hundreds of pictures of stupid things          
    36. Video chat with someone on Skype
    37. Have an awesome picnic (inside or outside)                       
    38. Have a limbo contest                    
    39. Invent a new dance                      
    40. Have a scary movie marathon              
    41. Draw all over a wall and paint over it             
    42. Hang out on a roof                   
    43. Throw a kick-butt party (color themed, Christmas in July, silly stuff)                
    44. Progressive dinner (appetizer, dinner, desert at different places)                     
    45. Swim with clothes on 
    46. Get a caricature done                  
    47. Go to the nearest Chinatown                 
    48. Tailgate                      
    49. Go dancing              
    50. Ride a Tandem Bike                       
    51. Build a sandcastle              
    52. Planking             
    53. Row a boat                
    54. Tie-Dye Stuff                     
    55. Have a snowball fight inside with newspaper balls                  
    56. Stay in a hotel for a night
    57. Wake up to watch the sunrise with a friend              
    58. See a musical or a play                
    59. Feed bread to some ducks                     
    60. Order a meal backwards desert, lunch, then appetizer (many thanks to Haley C.)             
    61. Order a pizza for delivery at the beach                      
    62. Karaoke                      
    63. Make snow angels             
    64. Spend a day in another city just for fun                      
    65. Take a train ride                  
    66. Go-carting                 
    67. Play jump the river with actual water              
    68. Play Marco-Polo on land              
    69. Go to Pots N’ Paints and make something fun                     
    70. Go Bowling                
    71. Play a prank on someone not on April Fool’s Day                         
    72. Give someone flowers on a random day for no reason                
    73. Call everyone the same name for a day (boys and girls)                       
    74. Talk in an accent to someone you don’t know                    
    75. Crazy awards day (sexiest voice, most likely to OD on…, largest toe )                       
    76. Race in the hallway at school                
    77. Use a Ouija board                       
    78. Have a water balloon fight (at night)              
    79. Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop            
    80. Prank call people               
    81. Make a poem/song/rap about boredom when bored                 
    82. Go to a midnight premiere                  
    83. Take a nap                
    84. Have a GREEK marathon and watch every episode                      
    85. Learn a full song on the piano               
    86. Mud-sliding                
    87. Roast marshmallows              
    88. Do rainy day activities (pillow fort, coloring, hot cocoa, puddle splashing)              
    89. Go sledding              
    90. Paint a picture for someone
    91. Sell something on eBay                 
    92. Do something stupid on a trampoline             
    93. Make a recipe; it does not have to be good                      
    94. Decorate a paper bag and wear it over my head somewhere             
    95. Christmas caroling
    96. Ding Dong Ditch                  
    97. Climb some kind of rocks            
    98. Bob for apples                      
    99. Have a sick seventeen  (instead of a sweet sixteen)  
    100. Crowd surf
    101. Buy Fireworks and set them off               
    102. Completely wrap someone in toilet paper                
    103. Make a music video to a song              
    104. Finger-painting                    
    105. Get a new, different haircut
    106. Learn to cook something
    107. Be a vegetarian for a week                     
    108. Dress like a gangster for a day              
    109. Win the lottery                      
    110. Make a family tree
    111. Visit a friend’s grave              
    112. Bake something using Betty Crocker Bake and Fill             
    113. Make jewelry (piece of clothing) and wear it, then give it away.                     
    114. Do extremely touristy things for a day in VB              
    115. Do two things on the “Get Kicked Out of Wal-Mart List”
    116. Buy something from a thrift store 
    117. Go somewhere they get real snow in wintertime                 
    118. Do something with my parents’ old record albums            
    119. Go to the movies: buy popcorn, soda, AND candy 
    120. Jump into a pile of leaves                      
    121. Make someone’s day   

To be started 12:01 a.m. January 1, 2011 and completed by 11:59 p.m. December 31, 2011.


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